about us

The Allia collection is celebrated for it’s beautifully faceted gemstones in unpredictable shapes and unique color combinations set in either 18K or in 18K Vermeil. The design sister duo, Payal and Anuja Kedia, are drawn to the versatility of translucent and irregular shaped gemstones; this is the defining and inspiring aesthetic of Allia jewelry.

Growing up in Thailand and India and of Indian heritage, Payal and Anuja were surrounded by beauty and the intricate world of design and style. Born into a culture which celebrates the gifting of jewelry on special occasions and where jewelry is passed on from one generation to the next, they believe that jewelry symbolizes a moment in time.

With the creation of Allia, they carry on a proud family tradition; their father a diamond and precious stone dealer, their mother and sister with their own retrospective jewelry lines and brother a jewelry manufacturer.  Their family’s creativity together with Payal’s background in Graphic Design and Anuja’s in Fine Arts has steered their aesthetics and helped cultivate their taste for their own designs. The sisters are also largely influenced by frequent travels around the world making it part of their visual landscape when designing Allia.

Allia meaning supreme and outstanding in Hebrew is the spirit the brand revels in. The namesake of the brand embodies their young niece Allia, whose spontaneous and bold personality is inherent in the designs and the brand.

The pieces are both contemporary and classic in style and include chain and bib necklaces, hoop earrings, statement earrings, chunky cocktail rings and stackable stone bangles. Gemstones find themselves connected in unusual shapes and combinations that result in compelling one-of-a-kind color palettes. Innovation is the continuous element that Allia embodies in the collections.